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Our vision is to see indigenous languages and ideology elevated to their rightful place. Our greatest
aspiration is to live in a world where African ideology is part of the mainstream and our African
languages are used as tools of innovation and development.


•  Improve access to information for all, including the marginalised groups in our country by writing
     and communicating in our indigenous languages.
•  To endear our indigenous languages to the children of today giving them value through placing
     them as worthy instruments of presentation and discussion by forward thinkers
•  To improve understanding and ownership of learning and life ideas in the indigenous population
     through the use of their indigenous languages as medium of instructions
•  To elevate the voice of the indeginous population groups in the global topics of importance in the
     language of their choice
•  To preserve and grow the indigenous languages as tools of innovation and development


•  To validate the value of an African child to himself through seeing his language and ideology in the
    arsenal of tools that shape the future of the world.
•  To lead our society and government in moving our languages to a space where they can be used as
     tools for doing business and as medium of instructions at in all spheres of livelihood.
•  To demonstrate to our youth that success and being leaders of society is not a preserve for the
     educated few but a divine right for all.


Isintu Reads boasts of a very experienced staff that provide excellent services to our clients. Majority
of our staff holds qualifications in African languages, Translation Studies and Journalism. They also
have a number of years of experience as language practitioners, book editors and also working in the
publication sector.
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