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Genre: Business Book

“Freedom is a state of mind” is a groundbreaking book in both the language and business spheres, as it is the very first business book to be written in South African indigenous languages. It is currently available in isiXhosa and isiZulu with other South African indigenous language translations coming into the market very soon. This book is written by Mlu Binda, a first time author, scientist and an entrepreneur.

A business is often described as a service that you offer for profit but Binda alludes to the idea that a business is actually who a person is, that each and every person is inherently born with a entrepreneur spirit, and so by nature’s design we should all be entrepreneurs.  The limited number of black entrepreneurs and poverty-stricken lives of black people in South Africa attests to the fact Binda’s ideology is a foreign concept to black people of this country. Binda shows understanding of this fact because he has written this book in a manner that resonates most with black people. This book takes one on a transformational journey that explains all the concepts that are the basis of his ideology.
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Binda starts the book by explaining his background and the thoughts and discoveries that has led to this ideology. In the subsequent chapters, he explains the science of life, that is, life is made up of pillars that are universal and remain true for everyone. The pillars of life are the ones we should use to structure our lives. He further explains certain laws of life that guide us in structuring our lives using these pillars. He concludes by saying the understanding and application of all the concepts discussed in the book is giant a step in the direction of attaining true freedom.

Even though the book is mainly focused in business, I believe it is relevant to everyone. The concepts discussed in this book are things you will be able to recognise from your daily life but Binda knits them together in a way that shows a complete picture which best illustrates to you how to utilise them for maximum effect. The book manages to tap into issues that have conflicted the minds of black people in this country, issues that are holding us back from achieving greatness in our lives. The most interesting concept for me is how he tackles the controversial issue of the belief systems we have in the country. He shows the influence a belief system in the success of one’s life. He also manages to find common ground between two most fundamental and opposing beliefs that many people believe in (Christianity and Ancestral belief) and that common ground turns out to be the keystone for a successful life.

Summarily this book identifies fear as the greatest stumbling block in people’s lives. Binda’s concepts dispel all those fears and assures one that they have the power to overcome anything in life and thus creating the life they want. I also agree with Binda’s definition of freedom that freedom is not being politically free nor is it being financially but freedom is knowing your purpose here on earth and carrying it out. Being politically and financially free are just elements that assists one in obtaining true freedom.

The only issue I have against this book is that it requires one to have complete faith in the author. Majority of these concepts are very hard to comprehend and accept until you start applying them in your life. One therefore needs to take what the author says as gospel truth and apply it in their lives and it is only after application that they can know it to be true for themselves.